Hardworking MMDC Scholars are now licensed Mining Engineers

October 23,2019

For beneficiaries Jezreel Andre Yparraguirre, Lymarie Rosende and Ronelyn Iligan being part of the MMDC scholarship program goes beyond enjoying the allotted financial support. They will forever be thankful because their parents were spared from worries concerning their tuition and other school fees, yet they know that being a scholar meant more than simply receiving support.

“MMDC Scholarship Program is just a glimpse of the rewards our country’s mineral wealth can provide for us,” explains Jezreel Andre Yparraguirre of Tandag City, Agusan del Sur.

Jezreel was encouraged by his father to study mining engineering because of the opportunities in their hometown Carrascal, Surigao del Sur. As he got immersed into the mineral processing discipline, he was inspired not just to work in the mine site but to actively contribute to the development of their town. 

“My main motivation is to help myself, my family, and the community. I always aspire for a better life for all of us,” Jezreel said.

During his years at the University of the Philippines (UP) – Diliman, Jezreel worked hard to meet the academic requirements of his yearly scholarship.

He received regular support in the form of tuition and monthly cash allowances for each semester until he graduated in 2019.

“From the bottom of my heart, I give my gratitude to the MMDC family, its workers – from the ground personnel, admin, to the top executives for devoting their resources to us scholars,” he said. Jezreel passed the Licensure Examination for Mining Engineer in August 2019.

Lymarie Rosende, a native of Carrascal, Surigao del Sur, witnessed how her father, a farmer in Surigao del Sur, worked hard to provide for them. “What really motivated me the most is when I saw my parents struggling to support me and my siblings enduring every challenge of our everyday life. My father woke up at around 3 or 4 in the morning to plow the rice fields in our barangay and got home late at night. It touched my heart and motivated me to do well in my studies so I can repay them for their sacrifices,” she said.

With the meager earnings of her father and with a stay-at-home mother, Lymarie said it was a challenge for her parents to send her and her three siblings to school, but education remained a priority.

Fortunately, she became an MMDC scholar in 2015. She was able to study well because all her school needs were provided. Aside from the tuition fee, she received monthly cash allowance for food, boarding house and books. “I am thankful for MMDC for easing the burden of my family in sending me to school and for helping me to achieve my dreams for myself and also for my family,” she said.

Lymarie finished her Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering from Saint Paul University in Surigao. She passed the Licensure Examination for Mining Engineer in August 2019.

Also a graduate of Saint Paul University is Ronelyn Iligan who braved all odds in order to successfully complete her education.

“I am a part of the Manobo tribe and my parents always told us that the only thing that they could give to us and that no one could take away from us is education. In any possible way that I can help my family, I will go for it,” she said.

Since 2015 during her sophomore year, Ronelyn was a scholar of MMDC until she graduated in 2019. “MMDC helped me through financial support and it is a big deal for people like me who wanted to study and have goals and dreams to chase. A big thank you for everything that the company has shared with us,” she said.

After passing the board exam for mining engineers in August 2019, Ronelyn was hired by MMDC. She currently works as a Cadet Engineer in the mine site.

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