Maximizing air, water quality protection 

February 8,2018

When it comes to clean air and water, Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation (MMDC) pulls all stops to ensure the welfare of its community stakeholders.

MMDC went beyond the targeted budget and posted an accomplishment rate of over 200% on its dust suppression and coastal protection and development programs.

The higher-than-expected financial accomplishments reflect MMDC’s commitment never to cut corners when it comes to environmental preservation.

For its dust suppression activities, MMDC maintains a total of 20 street sweepers on main haulage road and other critical areas. Along with the company’s 16 water trucks, these street cleaners ensure that the roads are free from obstruction and dust throughout the day.

Marcventures is also in the process of constructing a washbay facility in its effort to further reduce its footprint and maintain cleanliness throughout its mine site.

Recognizing the importance of protecting marine life for the benefit of the fisherfolk, the company has also allocated a budget for the establishment and monitoring of a three-hectare marine sanctuary. It is currently in talks with local government units to kick off this plan within the year.

MMDC engaged environmental firm Gaia South, Inc. to conduct a coral reef assessment and underwater inspection along the bay of Carrascal and Cantilan.

The company’s periodic air, water and noise monitoring, meanwhile, is complemented by the independent assessment of a third-party entity. This is to ensure that the company’s environmental programs benefit from multiple, scientific evaluations, on top of the regular monitoring being conducted by the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB).

Indeed, Marcventures has proven time and again that it will always go out of its way to ensure environmental protection and community welfare.


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