Marcventures strengthens safety standards through defensive driving course

March 22,2018

To sustain and further reinforce its safety standards, Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation (MMDC), through its Safety Department, recently concluded the first of the series of Defensive Driving Training Course for all company drivers, equipment operators, and service contractors. The training is aimed at educating the participants on the merits of defensive driving such as mitigating driving risks and protecting lives.

The activity was held at MMDC’s camp site in Carrascal, Surigao del Sur on February 6-9, 2018 and had a total turnout of 87 attendees. It was facilitated by  MMDC Safety Manager Fidel Bontao.

According to Bontao, improper operation of the unit/equipment used in mining operations is one of the leading causes of work-related accidents based on their current available data and statistics. This is why the Safety Department has presented several technical solutions to address the issue. Identified solutions include implementing strict compliance to existing pre-start checklist and guidelines and installation of center islands or road barriers.

The department however recognizes that a behavior-based safety approach is still indispensable, thus, it also intends to continuously heighten employees’ awareness on workplace safety through trainings and orientations, such as the Defensive Driving Training Course.

“Defensive driving is a demonstration of the right attitude and discipline behind the wheel,” Bontao explained. “It means being mindful of potential hazards and addressing them in an appropriate and predictable manner.”

Bontao also stressed that most accidents are 99% preventable. With the internalization of all the insights gained from the training, he believes that the employees will be able to handle all factors that may affect the driver’s performance whether they be mental, physical, emotional, or natural.  “Defining and understanding these factors in effect shall enhance the safety performance of drivers and would greatly minimize if not totally eliminate accidents,” Bontao added.

Ultimately, MMDC recognizes that defensive driving should be ingrained in the Company’s safety culture because it is not only meant to mitigate business risks but also to guard the welfare of the workforce; one thing that has always been of paramount value to Marcventures.

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