Socio Cultural Preservation

Cultural identity is essential in building harmonious and respectful relationships between cultures. Marcventures Mining and Development Corporation believes this should be given importance if development is to be sustained in its host communities. As such, the company fosters the preservation of a strong sense of identity through culture among the Manobo indigenous peoples (IP) and non-IP Surigaonons within and around its operations.

MMDC advances community participation in development projects, encouraging community members to take stock of their available resources, to identify their needs, and to understand their responsibilities to achieve those needs. This gives them a sense of ownership as regards their role, actions, decisions, and the outcomes.

MMDC also supports social activities that enhance cultural practices, such celebration of religious, tribal, and community festivals.

Below is the summary of all completed projects from 2013 to 2016:

Project Name: Araw ng Bon-ot

Location: Brgy. Bon-ot

Recipient: BLGU Bon-ot

Project Name: Araw ng Brgy. & Festive Celebration

Location: Brgy. Gamuton

Recipient: BLGU Gamuton

Project Name: Renovation of Campo Santo Chapel

Location: Brgy. Panikian

Recipient: BLGU Panikian

Project Name: Renovation of Catholic Church

Location: Brgy. Bon-ot

Recipient: Catholic Church of Bon-ot

Project Name: Fiesta Celebration of Brgy. Cabangahan

Location: Brgy. Cabangahan

Recipient: Constituents of Brgy. Cabangahan

Project Name: Purchase of Church Equipment

Location: Brgy. Cabangahan

Recipient: Church in Cabangahan

Project Name: Painting of RC Church

Location: Brgy. Gamuton

Recipient: RC Gamuton

Project Name: Church Renovation

Location: Sitio Banban, Panikian

Recipient: Catholic Church of Banban

Project Name: Renovation of Catholic Church

Location: Brgy. Babuyan

Recipient: Catholic Church of Babuyan

Project Name: Tiles & Repainting Works for Roman Catholic Church

Location: Brgy. Panikian

Recipient: Roman Catholic Church Members

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